Monday, October 15, 2012

Weekly /Bi-Weekly Prompts in Haiku, Poetry, and Short Story Slam


 Thursday Short Story Slam Week 29: Dramas and Freedom

ABC Wednesday  N is for Neutral, Nervous, M is for Miserable

Three Word Wednesday. 3WW CCXCVIII: Detached, Brisk, Miserable

Carry on Tuesday: Carry On Tuesday # 177 : It’s kind of like a magic


A world apart,
It's a kind of magic
to know who has made significant contribution
to the society, in many subject areas,
This October, a man who was born Asian
and writes about his countryside stories
has won the noble prize in literature,
the news is 100% shocking and encouraging,
Silent and shrouded villagers run around,
passing the bliss with brisk voice,
Excitement replaces neutral or
nervous emotions, in the blink of the eyes,
miserable fears are detached by deeper satisfaction.
Newspaper and television headlines everywhere
shift their foci to inherit the pride
in open light, excuses stand zero chances
ruin the celebration across the nation,
bitterness becomes sweet tears,
A needed thunder storm in autumn,
freedom of expressions,
Mixed reactions go under the umbrella when
the day jumps up for another festive day.
Justice and fairness are marching down
the world, the world has hope,
high and elegant!

Don't shroud to escape,
excuses of joined light
may not work mercy.

Carpe Diem Chrysanthe

Wild field, open and full,
Chrysanthemums bloom,
hazel shy smiles.

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