Wednesday, July 12, 2017

short story slam week 71 on san francisco, and on randy wilson

weekly prompts

friends from far and near ask:
where is my platform?
where is my fame?
the answers lay in your own hhands

a poem is written to wonder,
there is no solutions,
when you think that you depend on your parents as a child,
you depend on friends and empolyers as adults,

your representation says IT
a platform and a ceo
they work wonders as Larry, Edward, Morton, Julio, Bradford, George,
and they are "father alike" in spirit

we grow up,
we mature,
we toss our sentiments to strangers
our readers, our district
lawyers, and our grandparents are our continued backup after higher education

please do not be sad
please believe in your wife,
and trust and bound with your children
how you love your offspring is how to model your beloved parents

best regards
to Gloria and Erquene Gay,
keep up the water levels
Paula, Gerald, Sherry, G. T. Bynum, V. Hendrickson, Steven Wilson, Allyson Waters, Beverly Bryant

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