Wednesday, July 12, 2017

short story slam week 71 on san francisco, and on randy wilson

weekly prompts

friends from far and near ask:
where is my platform?
where is my fame?
the answers lay in your own hhands

a poem is written to wonder,
there is no solutions,
when you think that you depend on your parents as a child,
you depend on friends and empolyers as adults,

your representation says IT
a platform and a ceo
they work wonders as Larry, Edward, Morton, Julio, Bradford, George,
and they are "father alike" in spirit

we grow up,
we mature,
we toss our sentiments to strangers
our readers, our district
lawyers, and our grandparents are our continued backup after higher education

please do not be sad
please believe in your wife,
and trust and bound with your children
how you love your offspring is how to model your beloved parents

best regards
to Gloria and Erquene Gay,
keep up the water levels
Paula, Gerald, Sherry, G. T. Bynum, V. Hendrickson, Steven Wilson, Allyson Waters, Beverly Bryant

 Image result for bob young  bob young

Lydia ChenChen, Lydia, Pharm D., BCPS
 LamLam, Y. W. Francis, Pharm D.
James O. Burke Centennial Fellow
Clinical Associate Professor of Pharmacotherapy
210- 567-8319

   kenneth sewell
  steven taylor

Thursday, May 11, 2017

world peace year 6, poetry picnic week 45, Crescent, Edmond, Baton Rouge, Perry, morrison, guthrie, and Perkins

World Peace Year Sixth, counting from 2012, to 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, and 2017, we are going strong and profound 

  Image result for nanad vercelli

nanad vercelli is an open minded poet, writer,

Image result for amy polonchek
amy polonchek

Image result for kyler king  kyler king

Image result for averitt               

Image result for carrier   

Bradley Orlando

Image result for carrier

Loma Verde street,
Samantha murphy takes a look at Black oaks tree
discovering Carrie Keats and Crest Oaks near
boating their way from Florida to Finland

Legedary street
Ruth Brown and Bell Brown drive to countryside near Couch park,
finding fields of thriving WHEATS around batchelder, Devinbrinks, and Mansfield
resting at last

Craig street,
Becky Blessen and Bryan Fugetts image romance from Lawrence, Little Rock, Boulder,
making Scott Welch, Calvin Mays, Tyler Elmwood feel uneasy,
they wonder why Kentucky chicken is famous

Tiny Paw Rescue, Westbrook, Berkshire, Hickory, and Dublin,
people from San Jose and from Saint Paul /Minneapolis walk around,
labeling streets such as Samderson, Fairfield, Williamsfield, Shumard, McElory, Hartman,
adding McMillan, Abell, Bryant, Gregstone, Trenton, Stonybrook, Justin, Applewood to their boarder

H. A. Brawley
J. Edward Day
J. F. Kennedy
Jim Murphy


  wheat field from Washington state, driving from Spokane to Pullamn

Friday, May 5, 2017

the unique Croele, Jameson, and Burger King from Denver, Spokane, and Saint Louise relative New Orleans

the unique Croele, Jameson, and Burger King from Denver,
Spokane, Joplin, Boston, and Saint Louise relative  New Orleans

from C36, to C26, to Terminal A13, we spot tourists siting, some accept Judy Dallasray and her poetry picnic theme ideas,  Denver, Colorado

Matt Bowers car plate, near Saint Anna, Lambet Housing on Broadway street, New Orleans

Kun Zhao, Wu Jiahong, from Gibson hall, Tulane University

Kun zhao, Li Guan, they are elegant talents from Math, Biochemistry, and Physics-math research,
hometown, Tianjin, used to attend China Academy of Science and Technology, anhui provence

Loyola University , Emily Jones and Wu Jiahong

 Iris  Souses-Bulter, accompanying Martha Minow, Mary chapman, and Olivia Stern, Loyola University, 
Image result for a rican way magazine  

Image result for louisiana governor  

Image result for louisiana governor  

Image result for louisiana governor 
Bobby Jindal

Image result for new orleans mayor 
ray Nagin, former new orleans mayor

Image result for new orleans mayor  Mitch Landrieu 

Image result for new orleans airport  

Image result for new orleans airport  

Image result for new orleans airport  

Image result for new orleans airport         

 Image result for lambeth housing, new orleans

by chance
I met Sheila Rensch,
she shows me her daughter and grandchild,
their names spell as "Mary Gottron and Jolie Gottron"

for some reasons
I enjoy Dallas-Fort Worth,
I hear people raining praises thunder storming alike
they shout " Vitter A. L., N. Riedel, Hung Nguyen, J. Mac. Hyman, and D. G. Yang"

airwaves backfire
none of our poets agree to retire
here comes Marc Morial, Steve Madden, Matt Bowers, Ray Burns, Michael Korrs, 
here comes Henry Wells, Hugo Boss, Perry Ellis, Cole Hann, Calvin Klein, Peggy Wilson

Dillard,  Crantree, Souses, Big K-mart, McDonald,
we eat hamburgers and drink  iced orange juice,
we love the voice of James Singleton, Henry Smith, Troy Carter, D. Douglas Howard,
we post British Airway and Gulf Air near Roy Glapion, Marlin Gsman, Edward Levell,

Betty Washington comes
Jimmy Martinez comes,
George Vitale PapaJack Laine comes

nola, pola, jolly, holly,
George Brunies blows his horn,
Lynndon johnson hammers his armchair
Jelly Roll morton, johnny Cyr, Omer Simeon, Tokyo Hawaii, Barcelona Amsterdam, Shiloh Pitts, all join yss


Saturday, April 29, 2017

short story slam week 67, homebase and distant friends

Image result for jiahong wu at oklahoma state university
Steven Wojnaik, Steven Jobs

Image result for jiahong wu at oklahoma state university
Jiahong Wu, osu regence professor

Image result for jiahong wu at oklahoma state university
Japan university called, shenhu

Image result for jiahong wu at oklahoma state university
osu math department
Image result for jiahong wu at oklahoma state university  netral, university of tampa, florida

Image result for melania trump and donald trump  donald trump and melania trump

Image result for yang lan and bruno wu  Yang Lan (杨澜) of Sun TV with Sein-Way Tan (陈诚伟)

media and news updates
Andersn Cooper and Alisyn Cometaro
Yang Lan and Bruno Wu
Loraine Chan and Gu Juji,
all vote for freedom of impression

presidents and congress,
White house and Peking Zhong Nanhai,
Xi Jinping and Peng Liyuan speak of fair judgment
Meng Shenglan and Zhu Jun know of Yu Junjian coverage
we support research from Stephan Wilson, William Raun, Burns Hargis, and Wu Jiahong,
knowing that Eric Trump, Donald Trump Jr, Kai Trump, Sophia Trump, and Barron Trump wit

McDonald and Grayson,
Trevor and Edward,
Sein-Way Tan and Gangbo Tang
Michelle Obama and Laura Bush
we keep Abbey Wood, Gerald Clancy, Mary Chapman, and Kathleen Wilson in page

new york
apple bee
letting go of fingerbites from Wang Nianyu, Tian Shuiji, Zhang Guizhi, Yan Feng, Xu Jianying, Sheng Wu

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

poetry rally week 84, daily news are our must-go-penwaut nutrition

Image result for moscow-pullman daily news

 Image result for the new york times

Image result for the spokesman-review

Image result for lewiston tribune

Image result for the daily evergreen

Image result for the argonaut the vandal voice 
Thursday Poets Rally Week 84 speical, 30 poems in 30 days April nutrition/Wellness/freedom/openheart/illistration March 

Olivia Heersink says No words
when given a Go Cougs label,
how about Dan Doucet, and Blake Coker?

Julie Pace has absolute dreams on Melania Trump
when she sees her in CBS tv news!
that is when Ken Hansen and Chris Clark join Washington Sate University for a guest visit

Rachel La Corte and Chad Sokoi wonder about something
True, Odd, or Interesting of Samuel Smith?
no, not really, check out James Park and Mark Woody Merrifield

Thomas Perez, Larry Gosney, and Max Ehrenfreund
wonder who can debate for Ted Cruz, or James Apple?
it is unexpected  that Tamara Chuang, James Lankford try

Cory William, Deney Lee, Ann Halligan has firm concept of higher education,
so does Eric Schmidt, Sundai Pichar, and Julio Ottino,
in the end, Ani Ajit, Julia Watson, and Shanon Quinn, and Paul Joyce all win a fame

due to decisions of Xu Feng, Yuan Pei, Xie Jinyu, and Ivan Yuan,
Taiwan and Taichung, South Korea and Tianjin,
Tian Caifeng, Juanming Yuan, Lichi Lin, Chongsheng Cao, Neel Rao, Bob Young, Tyrek Young, etc.

I am speechless
I recall Deborah Weber and susan Griffin,
I put their names and words in briage of Larry Tomlinson