Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Sunday's Whirligig, 74, ABC Wednesday Gymnastics, Rio 2016, and mellow yellow mondays, short stroy slam week 51

Whirligig 74 

  photo d0dd5ef7-030d-4c38-9b83-d4a0c4bbeff2_zpsuzpgjumf.jpg

 Flickering robin in green
and yellow light,
Brazil dance closes rio 2016 perfect olympics

yellow river and blue sky,
clear water leaning rushing force, roll of laughter

unwinding roads
tall cactus sit alone in Mexican deserts

hovering bees
blur views from distant minor tender confusion

anchoring a story of no beginning and no ending,
we set dry grass into bold eagle picture so that a wall is built to govern

Princeton christians
mary fallin disagree when it comes to gardening
lazy days zip our thoughts with iron teeth and stephen child cares
G stands for   Gymnastics, Rio 2016

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frog feature... 
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