Thursday, June 2, 2016

snapshots from capital denver, colorado

                             Marlboro, or Wanbaolu

sue dick, preparing for senior dinner, may 27, 2016, ossm

ossm fence or iron gate, which bars outside visitors through a guest card,

        lixia chen, rachel zhang, rebecca morris, carol bennett, and ji yan, joing the party at ossm great hall, named after Dan Little, not pictured, Frank Wang, Joe Kingery, Xifan Liu, Chris Shrock,

Jim Hill, alog with Tuzo, Michael, and Tom Lee

    Amy Loper, Eric Loper, and Ben Loper family, smiling at representation of Laci Canon, Benjiamin Lee, Senta Wang, Willa Xie, Nick Murphy, Nato Woo, Tom Lee Wu, Pedro Lozano-De Aos, Philip Hwang

benjiamin sell, thomas lee woo, albet cai, tuzo mwarumba, kelechi okere, and philip hwang
capital building, may 28, 2016, photo by tom hankse

far right, xifan liu discuss a topic with lynn morgan, prior to ossm 2016 graduation ceremony

  amy robertson and david kinghuradze waiting for audiences to arrive, ossm

 a photo captures the smiles from Olivia Bates, and Frank Wang

   Jan Post, Ruibo Li, Sean Jones, Jayanta Rudra, and Scott Wilkinds take a picture with Tom Wu holding a camera, may 28, 2016, ossm, state capital

                           Morgan Johnston, Dylan Hughes, Konnor Herbst, Mikayla Hensley, Cameron Grell,
Griffin Daniels, Ben Sell, Tom Sell, and Tom Wu

                 Gaabrielle Nguyen and Tom Lee Wu, posting their back at basement of state capital of oklahoma, ossm, may 28, 2016

ruibo li, chris shrock, lori webster, and rebecca morris, along with mark Li, Kelly chaves, and brian chance

    parents of ossm, 2016

frank wang and lori webster, along with Brent Richards, Jasmes Broda, Lev Brener, Monique Barter,
Dan Vossen, William Underwood, Farideh Samadzadeh, Tyler Daughterty, and Terry Berryman,
marching to seat

ben sell and tom lee wu, with abbey wood and patti wood, standing near, waiting for them to sit on stage

dan little, mary fallin, and frank wang, given a photo and with lori webster passing a certificate

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