Sunday, April 10, 2016

poetry rally week 83, nutrition

Image result for nutrition 

Image result for nutrition

blueberries, kiwi, bananas
red and juicy, good day

Martha's fuji apples,
crunchy and delicious

San Jose, a geese
that is wild and cheesy

hearing from gong's favorite student,
the wuhan university graduate impresses us with harvard law school dean position

may wuchang, luojiashan,
mira's grandmother sammy introduces Theresa to Bradley

fubini theory,
nayla nuite space

Tokyo entertains Dong Qing,
Chance matches up with Chai Lu

He Jiaying and He Zhangmei have been good teachers,
Dick Cheney and Al Gore remain cool the way Joe Biden does

Newton Norman Minow, a powerful figure and loving father,
Mary, Nell, Aaron, Judith, Derby, Willie, and Drew..all famous

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