Monday, February 22, 2016

short story slam week 39, a distant hello to some green bough lady

short story slam week 39, the children's place, toys, games, puzzles, and cartoon books

It is like making a movie, almost everyone wants to be part of the show,
I could not know any place that sells toys without connecting to Wanda Square, 
or Fountain Mall, still, old windmill, silent bats, round-eyed owls, they hoot.

my story starts from a girl who used to live behind Happiness ditch, her name is
Cuizhi Shuai, we call her Geramy Etchamendy, and her husband is a slim lord,
we call him Rantoul Urbana (Zhongqiang Lin),  they have two boys, one is
Oak Park, another is Jasmin Romero...

during the past 30 years, both Wanda Square and Fountain Mall have been changing,
Geramy and Rantoul work hard, opening a small fast food shop called Hometown food,
they sell hand-made noodles, dim and sum, well steamed pork slices...

we won't expect Geramy to get hurt, yet some neighbors resent her for winning fame,
and earning lots of dollar bills, and that is when a bad guy Simon Davila steal their 
cash from their drawers, and Geramy becomes sick, she feels like screaming

some of Geramy's relatives have moved to Vacum, or America, to add their awkward
insights, also draw fresh air from places such as Dallas, New York City, and San Diego
after that, Geramy constantly dreams of America, a vacuum, that functions as Shi-Cheng-Qi, or Zhen Kong, Cheng Chong, which gives us lots of emotions when we think of this Vacuum, old windmill
or Yan Da Shuan, some may call is  Jiang Huang Gua.... 

what is Geramy's problem lately?

 because tradition is the key to valid communication, when an Italian girl Lance Carrboro
decides to adore Heiliu (Babcock Baskets) as a frequent stop for Asian food, many fall
silent, some sense  the need to expand the Wanda square into Vineyard Haven Road,
where more business, especially bookstores are adapted, and a public library such as
Meira Tzvi Ardsley  regional public library, Emily Purefoy Streckenbach technology,
etc. are established....

 when Simon DAVILA COMES TO say sorry to Geramy and Rantoul, they forgive him,
and Simon Davila introduces many young men, including Oak, Jasmin, Fort, Scott, Owen,
Sherman, Irman, Larry, Eric, Jason, John, Charles, Zach, Matt, Mike, Jay, Amy, Portia...
to language classes, those lords are trained to practice public relation knowledge, and 
Geramy and Rantoul become happier

 today, when Ainee thinks of the past, the current situation, and the development
of Babcock Baskets street, she feels good, because lots of people who used to live there
have immigrated to America Old windmill, a Salty Vacuum, and we do wave greetings to
some childhood friends from 40 years ago

Zhu Daihong
He Dajie
Yu Bingyu
Dai Ai E
Wu Wenhui
Zhu Taozhi
Peng Caihua
Peng Shuhua
Sun Honglan
Rao Shaohua
Li Aiqun
Huang Wenfan
Peng Chuanhui
Yan Silin
He Jiaying
Wang Xinzhou
Chen Jiaqin
Cheng Li
Cheng Yong
Dai qun E
Yang Qun E
 Yang Cai Hong
 Peng Mei E
Peng Cai E
Shuai cuizhi 
He Zhangmei
 Yang Guoping
 Liu Xianjing
 Bie Bing E
Bie Xinzhi
Bie Yuejing
Bie Chang E
Bie Mama
Shuai Jialiang
Shuai Jiajing
Shuai Ying E
Shuai Yao E
Shuai Yue E
Shuai Zhilan
Shuai YunLan
Peng Yizhi
Peng Shuizhi
Peng Chunzhi
Peng Qing E
Peng Qun E
Peng Yuhe
Peng Huangnian
Peng Younian


The Old Windmill Casts Bats Wings

Six Word Saturday 

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

short story slam week 38, aBc Wednesday, E is for Earth Day

short story slam week 38, Feb 4, 2016 to Feb 21, 2016, Dreams Beyond Rainbow Sky

 Hulunbeier, or Hulunbuir,
icy grass freezes fuzzy hair

Earth Day, greenland idea,
world peace all the way to San Francisco pier

Feverish monkey year gala,
gathering wisdom from Shaanxi, Xi'an, Quanzhou, guangzhou, Beijing...

hiding songs unsung,
bright skirts swaying round and round

memory suitcase flies without scissors
sharp knife cutting birthday cakes

slow motion, left hand, right hand,
surprising attention hits Nei Menggu, Fujian, Guangdong, Peking, or Mongolia

check out cell phone memos of Sisi Chen, Dan Ouyang, Qun Niu, Kong Feng, Jun Zhu,
Tuya Ouren, Yue Ma, Luyu Ren, Shenglan Meng, Qing Dong, Beier Sha, Tao Zhou, Ding Jia

short summer shadows... 

  photo 6fef8b02-7228-4cca-b8d9-09d5970f18a4_zpsufoegpxo.jpg

Whirligig 45
a hit of yellows...