Thursday, January 28, 2016

Noam Chomsky's Media Control

ABC Wednesday

c is for Chomsky, Noam....

as you know,
not everyone knows about Noam Chomsky
or his media control philosophy

according to seven stories press,
Greg Ruggiers and Stuart Sabulka have strong involvements
when George Bush tried to become president

how to let news out
and let Candidates argue
it is a trick to American value

homeland security has sharp views on foreigners,
the washington journal spends lots of time leaking news
yet controlling some side effects

persian gulf war;
mohawk valley formular
inflow or outflow theory, say, name a few

saddam hussein is bad on the new york times,
but he is a hero to iraq civilians for some period
think of manuel noriega, robert mcchesney, kristin dawkins,

nancy snow has plain opinions too
juliet schor also writes for politicians
as david korten struggles for better submission

barack obama always carries michelle's spirit
bill clinton won't quite thinking of jim carter
glad to know about John f kenned, dick chenney

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Susan Polis Schutz and Annapolis Montuwa

A is for annapolis montuwa

present moon gifts moon shadow
possible spill wires hot tub yellow ducks
pure face, naked cleanses,
a bat's wings keep skeletons vague 

head upside down,
mouth watering for vegetable soup
a penguin bird keeps swimming
a octopus fish steps down to deep ocean

Susan Polis Schutz speaks of one's dreams
confidence is the key for success,
Edmund O'Neil lets your ego afloat high,
Woodland elementary school is famous worldwide

annapolis montuwa,
maryland and virginia poets gather,
lyrics sing in whole music notes,
love, innocence, and standards wear feather

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  Image result for woodland public school


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