Monday, December 5, 2016

a new christmas...August, September, November....

8/13/2016 Henryetta Whiteson
9/27/2015, Cheryl Hillford
11/22/2016, Meihua Fan, Kailyn  Cheetahwood
5/22/1993, Sherilyn  Arizonak, Richard Huang, Thomas Boone Pickens
12/25/1997, Thomas Owunse, Christopher Watauga, Jacobs Stephan
1/2/1978, Carols Kober,  Mary Desmond
10/02/1976, Sue Pulnam, Ariana Trump
7/7/1946, Mereall Pisano, Leslie Moonguok
7/11/1946, Hillary MacLeod, John Barry
11/13/1983, Kassie Louis, Barron Henry
5/27/1921, Samuel Murphy, Tom Lopez, Dana Carney
6/7/1996, Abbey Wood, Connie Roxifan, Judy Burton
6/21/1980, Tess Chocola, Kathy Wilson, Shane Cobbs

so what?
many people wonder about Alison and Amelia,
I wonder about Kailyn Chhetahwood and Lilyn Cheekawood,
many people refuse to admit Koloon Tang and Jiusai Gou,
I do mind Wang Fujing and Bei Daihe....

Tulane University, Michael Fiits,  Shouhong Wang, Bruce Solomon, Dagang Yang,
Indianna University, Kent Orr, Kun Zhao, Robert Herbert, Norbert Riedel, Ronald Knill,
Princeton University, Sarah Constantin, Yuan Kong, Jia Yaun, Xie Bin, Xiao Bei,
University of Pennsylvania,  Tina Wu, Sifan Zhang, Arnold Levine, Joel Seligman,
Vanderbilt University, Zhixu Su, Raymond James, Ben Carson, Eleaine Chamber
Yale University, Hannah Constantin, George Bush, Mike Pence, Tom Price,
Brown University, Malia Obama, James David Henneberry, Seema Verna, Melenia Trump,
Standford University, Chelsea Clinton, Jenna Bush, Ivana Trump, James Kushner,
University of Texas, Austin,   Hongqiu Chen, Juanming Yuan, John Wong, Jerry Bona,
University of Chicago, Peter Hanson, Grace Tsiang, Han Bing, Liu Yingjie, Wang Dehua, Wu jiahong
Northwestern University, Ani Ajit, Elena Murphy, William Trump, Peng Zuo, Sheng Wu,
Harvard University, David Wright, Julia Wright, Mingze Xi, Ivan Dai, Barak Obama, Ann Blair,
University of Michigan, Joseph Singer, Mac Hyman, Victor Moll, Frank Tipler, Tracy Whelan
Rice University, Alan Noell, Chris Francisco, John Wolf, Heman Berg, Robert Myers,
University of Nevada, Laurence Yep, Amy Tan, Pearl Buck, John Green, Mo Yan,
University of Tokyo, Lanfeng Yu, Wang Jing, Qi Wang, Shijie Zen, Qun Yan, Nicholas Owen,
University of Washington, Belinda Mao, Albert Cai, Tao Li, Yu Yuan, Amelia Wilson
Washington University at Saint Louis, Yang Lan, Iris Chang, Guo Jingjing, Yan Yongshun
Anhui University, Dong Yong, Kevin Zumbrun, Luke Messer, David Weprin, Marie Christ,
University of Wisconsin, Eric Holcomb, Mitch Daniels, Sonya Stephens, Henry Curtis,

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Image result for macau    
Image result for macau  

Image result for south dakota 

Image result for south dakota     

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Thursday, November 17, 2016

short story slam week 57, random thoughts

Image result for yandere chan 

Image result for yandere chan 

Image result for yandere chan 

Image result for huang river 
Huang He is called Yellow River,

Image result for long river

Yangtze river, is called Long River, or Changjiang River

Image result for great wall of china 
Image result for huanghe lu in wuhan  Hubei museum
 Image result for huanghe lu in wuhan   Hengqi Annabelle Yang

Image result for huanghe lu in wuhan  huanghe tower, or yellow crane building

Image result for chongwen district of beijing 

Image result for chongwen district of beijing

short story slam week 56, re/max, butterfly lovers, and extened stay america

short story slam week 56, re/max, butterfly
lovers, and extened stay america, nashville

when Akiko Suwannai plays Violin,
she plays it forfully

we love the music rain at New York Broady way,
Avery hall and Germany music talents, wow

Clivia Pan, Yo Yo Ma, Riccardo Muti, Sheng Wu,
Thomas Perez, Nicholas Zeppos, Lydia Howard, Heidi Nelson,

when Ted Cruz visit Materials branch,
he enjoys Tian Shui, Tian Caixia, and Tian Junxian

as we find out Wu Chenxi, Feng Suzhen, Ming Huifeng,
we also discover Mi Xue, Chelsea Kim, Yan Qingzhi

a cousin could be sweet,
her children are foreign until we explain

nobody will predict that Applegate AND Peter Constantin are student/mentor
from Xiantao primary school, Dai Yonghui and Bie Mama, friends to Yan Juer

who can predict that Li Hongtu, Scott Leming, Sharron Robertson, Robert Black
who can do business in car insurance, and realtor businss

so, think of Huang River, Long River,
they relate you to Huang Wenfan,  Hong Jin, Bie Changjiang, Pan Changjiang, Yang Kaihui

think of Barack Obama and Vanderbilt University,
we think of Fan Fuchou, Leslie Maples, Tiffany Trump, Marla Maples, Fan Yunqing

think of math, science, computer engineering, and statistics,
we think of Pete Hyatt, Xu Taiping, Liu Shihe, Peng Dehuai, Gong Lixin, Tan Yingcong

believe in america,
believe in Donald Trump and Michael Pence

Bob Woods, Audrey Bryant, Candy Yundt, Colt Ferguson, Vicky Jerome,
Cassie Carradine, Tina Darr, Dick Peterson, Gina Killough, Ted Newlin

Brooks Thomas, Cheryl Carpenter Martin, Max Barry, Megan Barry,
Bruce Barry, Bill Haslam, Katie Allen, Jayci Robinson, Addison Skaggs

we sit,
praying for Wu Chunfeng, Yin Qing,  Hu Huaqiao, Hu Huijiao, and Arzela Leming

as Alex Zhu and Mark Wu speak,
Cambridge sings music for Tara Robinson, Leigha Layton, Clayton Harris, Ning Ju

Image result for european union   
Image result for european union     

Image result for akiko suwanai  
Image result for akiko suwanai 
Image result for Juilliard 
Image result for yo yo ma arthur   

Image result for yo yo ma arthur 
Image result for yo yo ma arthur  Michelle Kwuang

Image result for yo yo ma arthur 

Image result for yo yo ma arthur  Mr. Fred Rogers
Image result for yo yo ma arthur 
Image result for marc brown   

Image result for jingle yan 
Image result for jingle yan 
Image result for yandere chan

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

short story slam week 54, 55, my memory art--farewell

Black & White Wednesday ~ Farewell

 My Memory Art 

Image result for retired musician 

Image result for retired musician

a man is a horse
a man is a fish

when he composes music
people does listen

when he steps down
and people does care

retired but not expired
relaxing but not quitting

bach, mozart, jackson,
orchestra, space dance, singing

modern dance and Julie Yu
cello and bass or viola, Timonthy long

these are fun

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Green Cactus and reading moon

Image result for moon and gum tree

Image result for green cactus

Image result for green cactus   

Image result for green cactus    
Image result for green cactus and reading

 Image result for moon and reading 

Image result for moon and reading 

curious cat
naughty boy

calm sea
lovely girl enjoys poetry

reading in garden
reading in heaven

reading minds
reading homework

reading numbers
reading eyes

reading is knowing
reading is sharing

short story slam week 52, abc wednesday, my memory art, and monday mellow yellow

Black & White Wednesday ~ Horizon

 Image result for horizon
  Image result for horizon black and white
I is for indie from Indonesia

 Image result for indonesia
 Image result for indonesia

short story slam week 52, family gathering, outdoor sightseeing, and peer reading that help children function well or better 

 Image result for reading minds

 Image result for reading minds

short story slam week 52, abc wednesday, 
my memory art, and monday mellow yellow

writing is spectacular
when our mind reads the beauty of earth.

an earthquake is shocking
yet we survive by scientific evaluation and proper drilling on Morrison

a threat is scary
unless you reach out your wit to remove the blcokbuster

Starbucks coffee, JoAnn crafting
FoodPyramid watermelon, and Sunday words composition, they are rocking

distant communication works well
close call can put Bret, Tom, Amy, Ann, Linda, Pamela, Patricia, Larry, Carl, Victor in place

numbers are cool,
so do addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division

one plus one is two,   1+1=2
four divide by two is two  4/2=2

six add four is ten   6+4=10
twelve minue one is eleven  12-1=11

none shall focus on improper hauling
none shall misplace their position in a critical lawn

welcome to the zoo

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 Image result for zoo

Late Summer [Friday My Town Shoot Out Link-Up]

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