Thursday, October 29, 2015

short story slam week 32, three word wednesday 451, and sunday whirl

Bluebell Books Twitter Club!

3WW Week No. 451

Wordle 222

when Lindsay enrolls at Softwear Colgate high school,
she did not expect Amelia to sit next to her,
often feeling uneasy about her womanly period,
and often she falls silent about Linsday's favor from a few boys

the end is sad
when Linsday transfers to Westmore High,
so that Amelia obtains some focused fame,
eventually, both women attend UW college at Washington state.

the ability to open one's mind and shift gears
when it is needed is essential,
thus, when autumn is in the air,
we expect the leaves to fall, and pumpkins to sell

seconds, minutes, hours, days, nights, weeks, months,
years, decades, century, and dynasty,
trees grow year prints called nian lun,
demons wear constomes when it comes to Halloween

the world seem placid, plain, and pirate to small kids,
a quirky mindset won't win prize for being sneaky,
don't call me blogging buddy
unless you enjoy your freedom touching the board of writing whirling, daily.



  1. Bloggers are a strange group so intently focused on writing and making an impression to unknown people all over the world. Words alone measuring their worth in comments and acclamation and disapproval by silence. Writer's muses are tricky and play their own game of hide and seek but then reveal themselves laughing as you do too. My problem with 3WW tricky words is to turn them into love stories!

  2. a love story is needed by some,
    but maybe resented by others.

  3. I love the way you work the pumpkins in.

  4. You had a good time here...I can tell!

  5. A unique piece that had me twirling this way and that quite delightfully!

  6. sad story, yet some happenings could force us to think of life's unexpected

  7. the ability to open one's mind and shift gears
    when it is needed is essential

    Very wise words Cindy! To be able to adjust and be sensitive to change is a talent rare in some!


  8. a feature falls on this entry, thanks