Tuesday, June 16, 2015

I'm Not Perfect, I'm Just Forgiven

Hinton love,
Skip Lawton, Altus, Elk city, to Calunet, Hobart, Washita, and Granite.
Clinton Buffet,
Richard Yang feels great.
Quartz Mountain summer arts camp opening,
Julie, Emily, Eric, Allen, and Ethan musical evening.
Yukon, Aaron, and Chilolm center,
Goodwill fantasy proctor.
El Reno and Denny's dinner,
Backyard steak is fun to winner.
Ranchwood shell gas,
Bethny, Rockwell, and Penn Square to confess.
MaryLu, Reed, Muira, Forbes, Drummond,
Archibald, Harz, Papa John, and Cici's Pizza campground.
I'm not perfect,
I'm just forgiven.