Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Verizon Wireless Cellular (world peace business act number 4)

Westcott rulers,
a plain white measurement tool,
Enid folks workout sheets for you.
Paciugo ice cream,
Pandora pearls gift sets,
both are unforgetable moments.
Swarovski hand watches,
Sephora massive makeups,
A Madeline adventure.
Verizon wireless cellular,
a premium retailers pride,
what Walt-Disnet connection.
love from other being heals,
a small act or a kind gesture does wonders,
comprehension of human and human differences prevails,
a poem with promotion and grace brings pieces of glass into one single attention---words count. 

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

kiwi fruits and sushi bars

kiwi fruits,
sushi bars,
whole market goods,
Aldi food markets.
despite the hairy spiky thorns,
despite the weak and dotty body,
kiwi is one fine king-corn-sz,
the rich vitamin C triumphs over hesitating scotty.
extending kiwi to chipotle burritos and tacos,
we know blue seven polka clues,
romantic poetry at Fine Books,
and quirk Stops Fuel and Larry Carlos glues.
without confidence and faith,
no kiwi and sushi foods,
Without deligence and patience,
no group theory and religion Gods.


Télen érdemes sok kiwit fogyasztanunk, hogy ne legyünk fáradtak
 kiwis_v6.jpg (88934 octets)

Sunday, April 5, 2015

speeches from OMEA all state

chapman music hall,
music bible stands in rows,
Michael Raiber gives a speech to audience at the concert hall,
the sound of wisdom pours.
Jana Heidebrecht shakes her head,
Alex Claussen claps his hand,
Joe Wilhelm and Anne Guevara stomp their feet,
Dani Kutner and Craig Amendt march the band.
Three days of practice and dozens of
repeated rehearsals sprout out aloud,
blissful singing rises to Bok tower next,
What lucky charm experience at Hyatt regional.
the sprig rain sings,
the upbeat music joins in,
a fresh start to the year of sheep,
a novel travel to the landscape of goatamarkin.