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2014 Dillo Food Truck Guide By Alice Zhang (From North by Northwestern)

2014 Dillo Food Truck Guide
As we've all been warned, Dillo is a marathon, not a sprint. And you wouldn't run a marathon on an empty stomach, would you? While many will be busy downing questionable levels of their illicit beverage of choice, taking a breather and grabbing some grub is a must.
Thankfully, Mayfest has students covered, bringing in ten food trucks to satisfy even the pickiest (or drunkest) eater. Whether you're looking for an afternoon coffee and donut pickup or you desperately need deep dish to help bring down your BAC, you'll be covered.

Beavers Coffee/Donuts
Chicago is the pomp and circumstance of donuts, boasting Doughnut Vault, Nightwood and Glazed & Infused with queues forming at dawn. Now, the sweet dough is baked hot and fresh with Beavers Coffee/Donuts, coming this Dillo. The first and only Chicago food truck, Beavers serves mini donuts with gourmet toppings from cinnamon sugar to sprinkles, s’mores and strawberry sauce. Dillo is an all-day affair, but breakfast is an important kick-starter (not to be underestimated) and we’ll take our donuts any way we can get them.

Pizza always wiggles its way into a perfect Dillo. Even if you’re a Lou’s fan, try saying no to delicious crispy crust, melted cheese, tomato sauce and all other toppings condensed into that one slice of perfect deep dish. Think of it as hitting two birds with one stone: giving your out-of-town guests a taste of famous Chicago-style pizza, without having to leave the Lakefill at OK Go. Obviously, there’s no way to do Dillo other than beer and pizza.

The Slide Ride
With a truck the color of cotton candy pink and some mouthwatering aromas from some pretty savory sliders, The Slide Ride will be one hard truck to miss. Voted one of the 101 best food trucks in America in 2012, The Slide Ride makes eight sliders begging to be tasted. Some favorites include the signature Bacon Baby slider, the eclectic Sriracha Buffalo Chicken and the vegetarian Southwestern Black Bean slider. Buy one for $3.50 or three for $9.

Taquero Fusion
Taquero Fusion is bringing “tacos with a Latin twist” to Dillo on Saturday. While we understand it won’t be the same as Taco Tuesday, we’re crossing our fingers it will be just as delicioso. Taquero Fusion means real business, an authentic Latin switch-up from our tastebuds’ Frontera norm. Tacos start at $2.79 and Taquero Fusion has your holy trinity of meats covered, including a veggie taco option and the quintessential guacamole and chips.

Drunk college students go to Cheesie’s, but on Dillo, Cheesie’s comes to the drunk. This time, they’re here for Dillo’s all-day grilled cheese needs, not just after midnight. From the Mac (and cheese) sandwich to the Frenchie and the Tenderizer, our greasy conscience wouldn’t have it any other way.

The Wagyu Wagon
Keep things (a little) classier with The Wagyu Wagon at Dillo, a food truck that serves one of the healthiest beef choices. A quick rundown: Wagyu is the No. 1 marbling breed in the world, the same kind of cattle they make Kobe beef from. It might seem like a paradox (or a dream) that such high quality beef comes in a truck, but you’ll have to eat it to believe it. Mix and match this beef patty with whatever your cravings desire!

Bombay Wraps
This food truck wraps up the tasty, simple samplers of the streets of Bombay for a perfect Dillo snack. The South Loop restaurant is now just a Lakefill saunter away. Your favorite Indian foods from chicken tikka to lamb curry will be present, anywhere from $3.49 to $5.99 depending on your craving. No matter which wrap you order, each is guaranteed with complex flavors, delicately spiced or marinated with sprinkled in vegetables (only if you want).
Chicago Cupcake
The iconic Chicago cupcake now is on wheels. For $3.25, you can eat your way through the decadent three-layer cupcake – stacked with cream, cake and crust. Fan favorites include the Red Velvet and The Motherload cupcake: a chocolate cake on a pretzel and brown sugar crust, filled with peanut butter and topped with a caramel Italian buttercream. It’s a perfect dessert afterthought and sweet tooth remedy after a long day jamming out at the Lakefill.
Haute Sausage
Combining old-world sausage making with global flavors, the Haute Sausage food truck brings a wide variety of Afro-Midwestern fusion plates to Northwestern’s diverse palate. Word on the street is that the Bacon Guacamole Sausage is a must-try, as well as the Sheboygan Brat. Take advantage of this 4-star truck, which one Yelper describes as a “sausage smorgasboard of epic proportions.”
Windy City Patty Wagon
Repping a Chicago flag inspired truck and some gourmet burgers, what’s not to love about the Windy City Patty Wagon? They really have their burger game figured out: the bun is reputedly just thick and dense enough, with a juicy patty, perfectly smoked cheeses – burger perfection. Plus, the menu is conducive for the drunk and indecisive: there are only six options to choose from. We hear the Bacon Cheddar Burger is life changing.

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