Monday, April 7, 2014

Helena Metaphors

Helena and Montana,
Holm, Harris, Sharafi, Hamilakis, Tully, Heit, Constantin, Sears, Skylar,
Brook, Sabra, Sheffield, Lam, Zhang, Peng, Henry, Arcelay, Wang, Relyea,
Lenski, Cooper, Grife, Golden, Spencer, Fallin, Roebuck, Holdings, Libya,
Images of IAS (Princeton) hop and sing for sister city Florida.

Helen Keller is an inspiration,
Elena Murphy and Jim Murphy are transformation,
Sophia Bollag paves new paths,
Camille Jakola braves royal oaths..
John Christian Ward-Perkins sets higher standards.

Helena Bombierim, Cally Beredjick, Brad Hamm, Jill Herzig, a dream,
Mora Foster, Alan Chen, David Wright, Sandy Flecher deserve fame.
Alberto, Ibarguen, Noha, Olivia, Enrico, Jamie, Cosse admire Montana,
Wigderson, Grayson, Hartmann, Pelayo, Yanqiu Baldwin chase Yo Yo Ma.
Don't forget tim Berners-Lee, John Lavine, Ken Selby, and Susan Komen.

An elephant and a mouse,
A donkey and a horse,
All of them wonder about music notes and concert boxes
as Alex Justin Russel handles long torn brown soxes.

Hess elects English a native tongue,
Ellis picks Jessica Simpson's pop song;
Leon resents Africa's dry grass land,
Enna sells home-made lemon juice.

Helena in Montana,
A star,
A comet,
or a yummy banana.

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