Tuesday, May 14, 2013

no peace for you and me by Holly Renee Ellis

what are we fighting for
peace is not real
we are always at war
because nobody will yeild
a war on terrorism
a war on drugs
a war on orientaion
and a war on crime
degredattion will not yeild
even with communication
theres no such thing as peace
dont let them lie to you
peace of mind
peace of heart
nomatter who you are
we will never know peace
we yearn for its embrace
we yearn for its grace
but dont let them lie to you
they draw a line between human
and animal
the way we act
the way we think
if its not to expectations
we get drugged by law
we fight for a freedom
that we will never see
why do we fight
why do we die
hate is the answer
hate is the key
its hate that we see
not love for you and me
there is no peace


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