Saturday, December 7, 2013

Ed By Louis Simpson


Ed was in love with a cocktail waitress,
but Ed's family, and his friends
didn't approve. So he broke it off.
He married a respectable woman
who played the piano, she played well enough
to have been a professional.
Ed's wife left him...
Years later, at a family gathering
Ed got drunk and made a fool of himself.
he said: " I should have married Doreen."
"Wel, " they said: "Why didn't you?"

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Happy Belated Veterans Day – Thank You For Serving Our Country


Happy Veterans Day   Thank You For Serving Our Country
Happy Veterans Day.  Thank you for serving our country and protecting our freedoms.  This Veteran’s Day, stand with our American heroes, and our wounded warriors.  Give them and show them the respect that they deserve.

I have to say that Google has really stepped it up the last year or so with their graphics and innovative illustrations.  Bravo to Google for showing your artistic expression and especially today showing your patriotism for our veterans.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Ella Enchanted by Paroma and Reviewed By Trojanwalls


Ella Enchanted by Paroma

It's a Cinderella story retold. I have the impression that all girls above the age of ten have watched the movie they made on this, but not even half that number gave the book a try. So here I am promoting it on our newest book-cheering platform, and hoping that some kids out there read this and feel the urge to go out looking for the paperback.

I have the one with this cover:

It's a silly cover and the girl looks all of twelve. But you should read the book anyway. Because Cinderella was never given this much zeal, wit and obstacles to tackle in any fairy tale ever written.
I wont tell you the story. If you want to cheat, you can look it up in Wikipedia. Their plot outline is pretty detailed. 
But what I will tell you is that if you begin at the beginning and read through to the end without peaking at the last page, you will find that Prince Charming does exist and that his Ella will fight against the most impossible spells to get to him. You'll find a beautiful happily-ever-after, and you'll actually feel like they deserve it!

I can't enumerate the many, many ways in which the book differs from the movie, and how each and every one of those differences make the book a much better source of entertainment. I can only guarantee that you have to meet Ella, get to know her and her troubles, have to laugh and cry with her, to walk with her to the last page and feel the sweetness of the ending to really have read a proper Cinderella fairy tale.
This was Gail Carson Levine's first novel and in my opinion the best one she has yet written. It has a place of honour on my bookshelf and hopefully will soon have one on yours as well.

~~The End~~

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Dreaming (=Zuo Meng)


staying up late at night,
I walk by a house
that has lights on inside,
It reminds me of the body
dreaming while asleep:
eyes closed,
body position fixed,
Mind mapping,
Memories renewing...
Words pour out
as if music played behind closed doors,
A ghost doing hurried heed dance in the air
and disappearing into the night!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Larry Page of Google

The person responsible for providing us with all the information of the world is Larry Page; ranking on number 13 on Forbes richest people list with a net worth of 20.3 billion dollars. He is an American computer scientist, entrepreneur and the co-founder of Google.

Larry Page was born on 26th March 1973 in East Lansing, Michigan. Both his parents were experts in computers and following his parents line of interest, Page graduated from the University of Michigan with Bachelor of Science in computer engineering and Master of Science from Stanford University. He was interested in computers from an early age and he wanted to start his own company from age 12. He was the first child in his school to do an assignment on word processor. It was during his time in Stanford when the first seeds of this brilliant thought were planted.
After he entered the PhD program, he had to decide on a dissertation theme. This was when he came up with the idea that would link together web pages, like a citation links to a reference. He was joined with college friend and fellow PhD student Sergey Brin, who found this topic to be very appealing. The project was initially named ‘Backrub’. Both started working on this huge task of building a crawler that would convert backlink data into a degree of how important a web page was. Consequently, PageRank algorithm was created that made the duo realize that they could make a search engine far greater to the ones that were currently in use. The first version of Google came out in 1996 and it is still available on the Stanford University’s website.

Google Inc. was founded in 1998 with Larry Page and Sergey Brin as co-presidents. Its initial domain name was ‘Googol’ which was derived from a number that is one followed by hundred zeros. This represented the vast amount of data that the search engine was intended to explore. They stated their mission as ‘to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful’. With a humble beginning from Page’s garage the company expanded to own few offices in California in 1999 and then an entire complex called ‘Googleplex’, that is of the most extraordinary workplaces of the world comprising of amazing recreational and exercising facilities. By 2001 Google was growing with a fiery speediness and making big profits. The company’s first public offering was $1.67 billion which gave it a market capitalization of $23 billion. Page became a multi billionaire at just 27. As a favorite of shareholders, Google’s stock prices rose immensely. Page received the Academy of Achievement’s ‘Golden Plate Award’ in 2004.

By 2006, Google consisted of more than 10,000 employees with annual incomes of over ten billion dollars. Google bought several hardware and software companies out of which the most profitable was the purchase of YouTube for 1.65 billion dollars. Today, Google is one of the most used website with over a million servers worldwide. It processes more than a billion search requests every day.
Larry Page is one of the most successful entrepreneurs who laid the foundation for a venture that has changed the way in which internet was used. , hollywood reporter photo...

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Lust MayNot BE LOVE!


weary of those who speak of lust,
lust but no love,
I finally arrive at the snow-covered plain,
seeing what's behind the boomer,
the mindless has lust,
the greed has lust,
the blind has lust,
the tamed has little lust,
the trials are lying bare
to be blazed by brave feet,
I spy tracks of hares near the bushes,
language has no lust:
no words showing it.



Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Juicy Fingers Shine : Haiku by Ramesh Sood

She squeezes orange
in her hand with full force;
Juicy fingers shine..


My finger is cut
and I squeeze to stop blood;
kitchen adventure

And let me turn a bit philosophical….

I squeeze all my dreams
In my heart to make them one;
A happier life

Saturday, June 29, 2013


I'm waiting for the evening train,
I'm listening to the cuckoo clocks tick,
I'm reading the universe while I wait,
I'm humming quietly while I listen,
I'm averting monotony with new eyes,
I shall feel indebted to friends
who support,
I shall take lonesomeness as moderation time,
i will be open to holy God!
I'm anticipating life's
ultimate experience in peace!