Monday, October 22, 2012

Ten =One Dime = Sum of Two Nickles =Sum of Ten Individual Penny = Oc-to-ber =Ten Full Moons of the Year (Happy Belated Birthday To Morning, October 2, 1968)

In Money Value,
Ten is 10,
Ten is a dime in money,
Ten is equal to 10 pennies,
or sum of Two nikles,
Thus, Ten =10= One dime
= One Nikle +One Nikle= 2 x One Nickle
=10 x Penny =One Penny+ One Penny+...+One Penny
In Mathematics,
Ten is more flexible...
Ten = 10 =1 x 10 =2 x 5
There are infinitely ways to get 10
if we use minus (Jian or Fu) sign
and division (Chu), say,
In time
Ten is very festival,
The ten month is October
who connects Oc-e-an deep waves
to the perfect peonies, ten full moons past=tenth month,
We have a=an=one=uni=single=yi=yao,
October is the season of autumn,
which coin-cide with Fall.
Grow seasonal pride,
Celebrate Halloween in the end
of the month, let ghosts haunt,
make more friends,
count days from 1 to 7,
24 hours a day, 7 days a week,
Bless your Ten with
Dime, Nickle, Penny, Money, Ocean,
Peony, October, Halloween, and
let life shine in strong sheen.

Image Credit:, on ten...

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