Saturday, July 14, 2012

Love Myself to Be Loved

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Better than heart thieves
who comes on a married man
and offers her body
with heavy perfumes,
carrying no sick pride
or remorse,
I stop by the shopping mall,
Purchasing some items of skin care,
and a few loose pants of my type...
I feel comfortable dressing myself properly,
Why shall I save money and look plain?
I hate girls who are sneaky and
purposeful, a lesson from the wounds they bring,
I decide that I must respect myself first,
and love myself enough to be loved,
I must make myself look good to be noticed,
This is my basic human rights,
It's better than waiting to be discarded
while hiding in a shell, squeezing myself to limited space...
It's better than connecting to a married man to hurt another woman
or eventually hurt myself...
I want my basic desires to be satisfied..
Thus I put on my new bra and look at myself in the mirror,
it's indeed better feel after all...
and he admires my new dresses, 
with warm eye contacts and hot touches...
Yeah, I do deserve everything...

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Quote of the Day!

In the secret of night, my prayer climbs like the Liana, grows like a blind man, sees more than the owl.

--------Gabriela Mistral