Friday, May 11, 2012

Wang, Gong, and Peng: Your Kindness and Support To Jiahong and Ji Are Remarkably Outstanding! Bless U and Your Family!

Dr. Danping Peng, University of California (Ph. D)

Dr. Dehua Wang, University of Chicago (Ph. D)

Dr. Xianghong, Gong, University of Chicago (Ph. D)

Dehua Wang (University of Pittsburgh)
lended Jiahong thousands of dollars
enabling Wu to support Ji and Sheng;
Xianghong Gong (University of Wisconsin)
drove Jiahong to Chicago O'Hare airport
picking up Ji on December 19, 1993,
with sweet praises to Sheng as a baby...
Danping Peng (Luminescent Technologies, CA)
was thoughtful (Beijing and U.S.A)....

 University of California at Berkeley

Image Credit: on Friends from University of Chicago, University of California..