Monday, May 28, 2012

The Liberty Bells (In Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and Cross The U. S.): The Jingly Way 2 Commemorate (Ji'Nian) Bill Penn's Charter Permits!

The Liberty Bell at Philadelphia,
Pennsylvania was originally hung in 1751,
in the steeple of the state house,
(Independence Hall), to honor the 50-year
anniversary of William Bill Penn's 1701
Charter of Permits, The bell cracked on
Washington's birthday in 1846.
Each Fourth of July, The Bell is rung
in unison with thousands of bells.

 Tian'Er Ji'Nian Peng'Qian or The Swan Memorial Fountain

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Sunday, May 20, 2012


the emptiness of ignorance in light of rebellion,
The sexy uneasiness of wing-rights,
Quarters in the deserted washing tanks,
Thoughts hang on the long -faced walls.
In the heat of the arguments,
The disappointed poet plays
major concert of orchestra
via willpower of spring water.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Ken De Ji and Ji For Aya 4 Jiating Juhui: The Perfect Treats for Sheng and Tom!

Sheng loves his high school buddies,
whenever he comes home, he would
have a party with 6 or 8 friends,
Ji usually orders 3-5 pizzas
plus a tray of chicken nuggets
from Chicken-Fil-A (Ji-Fu-Aya), the family
would enjoy a different meal then,
Stillwater Chicken-Fil-A
600 E Hall Of Fame Ave
Stillwater, OK 74075
(405) 742-2111

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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Wawa Food Chain at Princeton: The First Stop To Pleasant New Jersey Shopping and Dining Journey!

According to Ellie Kemper,
Wawa is a Native American term
honoring the Canada goose
(Delaware Valley). Wa is a
Princeton word for one of the
greatest 24-hour food stores.
Wow, Wa! Wuhu, Yahoo, Yawho, Yanhu...
To the Wu family, Wawa
was the first store
(life saving at the time)
they visited at Princeton in 1996...

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Friday, May 11, 2012

Wang, Gong, and Peng: Your Kindness and Support To Jiahong and Ji Are Remarkably Outstanding! Bless U and Your Family!

Dr. Danping Peng, University of California (Ph. D)

Dr. Dehua Wang, University of Chicago (Ph. D)

Dr. Xianghong, Gong, University of Chicago (Ph. D)

Dehua Wang (University of Pittsburgh)
lended Jiahong thousands of dollars
enabling Wu to support Ji and Sheng;
Xianghong Gong (University of Wisconsin)
drove Jiahong to Chicago O'Hare airport
picking up Ji on December 19, 1993,
with sweet praises to Sheng as a baby...
Danping Peng (Luminescent Technologies, CA)
was thoughtful (Beijing and U.S.A)....

 University of California at Berkeley

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