Saturday, March 25, 2017

short story slam week 65, 64, Cheng Lan and Hubei Nong Xue Yuan, plus Lee Bird relatives Arts

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 a cool airport

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John Lee Bird

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Victoria Sutherland
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Big Bird
 Image result for lee bird   Fally Rag

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Sukie Smith

Image result for lee bird  Bruce Lee and big Bird

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Katie Esquland

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Layla Grayce

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Tracy Godding

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Short Story Slam week 65, About Annapolis Montuwa and her family roots

Annapolis Montuwa is a creative poet, writer, and 
we dig and find some family roots here, enjoy!

siblings to annapolis babcock montuwa:

Minneapolis Barry Babcock
IndianpolisKrein Babcock
Shane Wilson Babcock
Thomasen Tucker Babcock
Chuck Reed Babcock
Jill Tracy Babcock

siblings to here husband   Hopec Ego-Langer Montuwa
Topeka Montuwa
Copega Montuwa
Trevor Montuwa
Wavely Montuwa
Amanda Montuwa
Joe Kansas Montuwa

Children of Annaplois and Hopec Ego-Langer
Bob Alexa Montuwa
Maxi Gloria montuwa
Scott victor Montuwa
Lucy Oliver Montuwa
Kate  Jonathan Montuwa
Rachel Alan Montuwa
Mimi Schapiro Montuwa

father-in-law: Adam  Lockwood Montuwa
mother-in-law: Tammy Pinewood Langer

grandfather-in-law via Adam: Robert Obama Montuwa
grandmother-in-law via Adam: Stanley Robinson Breton

grandfather-in-law via Tammy: Foerch Welch Langer
grandmother-in-law via Tammy: Servilla Rodham Wilcox

father: Frank Babcock
mother: Jenna Simpady

grandfather via Frank: Timoten Clinton Babcock
grandmother via Frank: Vivian Trump Burkar

grandparents via Jenna:  George Bush Simpady 
                                        Mary-Justine Williamson

father's siblings: 
Michael Babcock
Jack Babcock
Uwe Babcock
Leo Babcock
Abby Babcock
Alissa Babcock
Matt Babcock
Alex Babcock

mother's siblings
Gus Simpady
John Simpady
Senom Simpady
Derek Simpady
Patricia Simpady
Rosella Simpady
Boomer Simpady

grandfather's siblings (via frank)
Thomas Boone Babcock
Kerry JoAnn Babcock
Chada Cohen Babcock
Bill chelsea Babcock
Kim  Frice Babcock
Larry Pichar Babcock
Anne Sheryl Babcock
Emily Sophidun Babcock

grandmother's siblings (via Frank)
Judie Peters Burkar
Annie Melania Burkar
bobby lara Burkar
sherri cheekawood burkar
todd vicker burkar
eric clancy burkar
donald gates burkar

grandfather's siblings via jenna
angela yap simpady
rusty maples simpady
ann blair simpady
charles henry simpady
burns halligan simpady
emma tuzo simpady

grandmother's siblings via jenna
christina williamson
jacobsen williamson
stephan williamson
kathleen wiliamson
christopher clark williamson
wendy paisley williamson
alison johnson williamson
taylor swift williamson
eden samrufz williamson


Thursday, February 9, 2017

short story slam week 62, google, yahoo, firefox, wordcount, wordpress, blogger, and poetry

short story slam week 62,

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Xiangyang Xu, Bowen Xu, and Wanjun Dong

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Danfei  Mu and  Julio  Shen
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sister and brother, both work for USA

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Steven  Tong and Forbes Tong, father and son, both from  Weihu Mountain
Image result for barbara bush and her family            

Image result for barbara bush and her family    Pearl Tong and Sarah Tong
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Barbara Bush, or  Huizhu  Wang, she is the earliest fairy lady from Peru,

Barbara Bush is the wife of George H. W. Bush, the 41st President of the United States, and served as First Lady of the United States from 1989 to 1993. Wikipedia
Born: June 8, 1925 (age 91 years), NewYork–Presbyterian/Queens